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What is Lovely Bump?

Besides referring to the beautiful bump that grows for 9 months on a woman's pregnant belly, it's an endearing nickname that's been used to identify children in the Mullin family for generations, lovely bump... more about Lovely Bump...
We offer trade by appointment for clothing, books, toys, shoes and small gear. Remember, no cash for these items, only credit to shop in the store. Please phone or email the shop after reading "new and like-new maternity" guidelines Higher priced items (over $20) can be sold on consignment (you receive a check for 40% of the selling price when the item sells) more about consignments...

Thanks 4 Donating!

No waiting, no appointments needed. Just drop off your stuff (no more than 2 large garbage bags please) any time we're open, 7 days a week. Remember, drop-offs are for DONATIONS ONLY. If you would like to receive store credit for your items, you must MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. Thank you for your donation; all unused items will be donated to St Vincent de Paul.

DO WHAT'S BEST FOR OUR PLANET (and your pocketbook)
Reduce • Reuse • Resell

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